Sunday, October 14, 2007

First things first...

My name is Carlo Edoardo Capponi, I'm from Italy and I was born in 1993. In this site I'm not going to talk about my ordinary life; instead, I'm going to write about my AMV editing life and I'll post all my videos here.
As you can see, all my videos are about dragon ball ( except for a sailor moon one I made for a fan ); they show a single or multiple fights at once, and instead of their original audio, I've put in a song: this kind of videos are called AMV ( anime music videos), and they're made by millions of fans around the world. Most of these people don't have absolutely anything to do with professional video editing ( cinema, etc...), but they do it as a tribute to their favourite animes, and excluding some rare cases, none of them are paid for what they do.
As for myself, I make these videos for fun during my free time: once I've finished them, I upload them onto youtube to show the world my hard work, and so I get opinions and tips from all kind of editors on how can I improve, which is the best choice of clips for a certain video, what song can go better with these, etc...
My goal is to entertain the biggest number of people I can and show them what I, blackdragonthegreat, am made of when it comes to video editing!!!!

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